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New Covid Protocols

Your health and safety has been our absolute top priority and it is especially crucial now. Therefore, our new safety protocols will be upheld permanently, or until an effective clinically proven treatment for COVID has been implemented. We will still continue to improve these protocols according to the recommendations of national health organizations and dental associations.

Here is what we are doing to keep you safe!

Steps We’ve Taken

  1. All patients must complete a detailed COVID medical history questionnaire before the appointment. All forms will be emailed directly to you prior to your arrival.
  2. Temperature is taken for all patients before the appointment with non-contact infrared thermometers.
  3. Masks or face coverings are required when patients enter the office and will only be removed when patients are seated in their private treatment rooms.
  4. All common areas are disinfected with medical grade disinfectant before and after each appointment.
  5. Appropriate social distancing practices will be observed for everyone inside the office.
  6. All patients will have their own private treatment room without any outside interruption. All staff members entering the room will have full Personal Protective Equipment appropriate for the procedure.
  7. All non-essential persons will not be allowed inside the office without an appointment. Office will be locked until patients arrive and our team member will bring you inside.
  8. All private treatment rooms and common areas are equipped with medical grade HEPA air filters that filters air particles up to 1 micron (COVID-19 virus size is 1.2 microns)
  9. Patients must rinse with anti-bacterial / anti-viral medication for 1 minute before start of each procedure.
  10. New digital communication mobile app that sends forms and documents directly to your phone or email, so you won’t have to touch shared devices. Link to our new app listed here:
  11. UV-C light disinfection of all treatment rooms before and after each appointment.